Our Story

What started as a studies abroad program in Costa Rica ended up as a passion for fine coffees from around the world.

I landed in Costa Rica in 1999 with the intention of learning Spanish so I could get a masters degree in International Business. That goal changed when, to earn some extra money, I opened a small internet cafe in the port town of Puntarenas, Costa Rica called the Millenium Cyber Cafe.

In the cafe, we sold coffee which quickly became very popular and it wasn’t long before I was sending order after order of my fresh roasted Costa Rican coffees to the United States.

After visiting the plantations where I bought my coffee and seeing the care and effort that goes in to growing specialty coffee, a love affair began which has only grown stronger and stronger.

Today, Serda’s offers a selection of coffees from around the world each hand roasted in small batches to bring out its optimal flavor. We hope you enjoy our journey and passion to bring you these great coffees.

John Serda – Founder